Cloudscape #58: Winter Solstice 2015

This year’s by now tra­di­tional Winter Sol­stice mix, fea­tur­ing music by Plinth, Rats Heap The Cairn, Word­clock, The Doub­ling Riders, Lost Har­bours, Rais­ing Holy Sparks, Apo­cryphos, Dronny Darko, N + [ B O L T], United Bible Stud­ies, Olga Woj­ciechow­ska, Songs Of Green Pheas­ant, Giulio Aldi­nucci, Alphax­one, and The Sun Ra Quar­tet feat. John Gilmore.

Cloudscape: Lost in Space

Some­where near Nep­tune, we lost con­tact and star­ted pick­ing up strange trans­mis­sions from the sur­face of Tri­ton… Spe­cial themed Cloud­scape, fea­tur­ing music by Sabled Sun, Nath­aniel Cham­bers, Nathan Allen Pinard, Tomáš Dvorák, Ben Prunty, Peter Bjärgö & Gustaf Hildebrand, Treha Sek­tori, Michael Land, Rais­ing Holy Sparks, Svart­sinn, and Gustav Holst.

Cloudscape #51: February 2015

Feb­ru­ary starts bright and clear, but it quickly turns colder and darker. There’s hope at the end, but it’s not spring yet. The mix fea­tures Daugh­ters of Elvin, Northaunt, Sonmi451, this noc­turnal topo­graphy, Pleq & Hakobune, Ed Hamilton, offthesky, Richard Moult, Adrian Shenton & Banks Bailey, and Rais­ing Holy Sparks.

Review: Raising Holy Sparks - A Mendicant Hymnal

A men­dic­ant is a trav­el­ling monk — one who begs for sub­sist­ence, accept­ing what people and to world have to offer, in humil­ity. The music on this double album could be a dis­til­la­tion of the world exper­i­enced in such a way: a flow­ing by of land­scapes and vis­ions, an end­less sequence of steps car­ry­ing one to some unknown des­tin­a­tion. This is the final act of beg­ging and accept­ance: to see where the jour­ney leads you, always defer­ring to decisions made out­side of the self; offer­ing up the self.

Rais­ing Holy Sparks is the pro­ject that rose from the ashes of Agit­ated Radio Pilot and saw David Colo­han shift­ing from lo-fi and singer/­songwriter releases to some­thing more instru­mental, raw, and abstract. The divi­sion is far from clear-cut: Agit­ated Radio Pilot had its share of lush ambi­ent impro­visa­tions, and the occa­sional harsh gui­tar solo, while Rais­ing Holy Sparks has had plenty of songs inter­spersed on its earlier releases. All the same, there is a tan­gible con­trast between the two pro­jects.