Cloudscape #80: August 2018

After a hiatus I’m back in the mix­ing busi­ness. This one fea­tures a lot of music covered in my new print zine Ex Abyssō, as well as other new music.

We move from ambi­ent acous­tics, tra­di­tional influ­ences, to rhythms and sounds increas­ing in intens­ity.

Cloudscape #68: Winter Holidays 2016

The tra­di­tional winter mix, feat. Plinth, Maur­izio Abate & Mat­teo Uggeri, Dia­mond Gloss, Cétieu, Ugas­anie, Cyril Secq & Orla Wren, Alicef­fekt, Legiac, Flowers For Bodysnatch­ers, Time Moth Eye and The Spec­tral Light, Moongaz­ing Hare, Kir­ill Nikolai, David Colo­han, Wang Wen, Robert Rich, Coil, Stray Dogs, Pjusk & Sleep Orches­tra, Ocoeur, United Bible Stud­ies, Sivyj Yar