Review: Bruno Heinen Sextet & Karlheinz Stockhausen - Tierkreis (2013)

Karl­heinz Stockhausen’s piece Tierkreis (com­posed in 197475) is a zodi­acal work that leaves a lot of free­dom to the per­former. This series of twelve melod­ies, one for each sign, was ori­gin­ally writ­ten for music boxes, but can basic­ally be played on any instru­ment, and there have been many dif­fer­ent ver­sions: for piano, voice, lute, orches­tra, etc. A search on You­Tube will yield sev­eral examples to sat­isfy your curi­os­ity. Inter­preted like this, the music often main­tains much of its ori­ginal air­i­ness, but you could just as well jazzify the thing, which is what Bruno Heinen did with his sex­tet (Heinen: piano; Sig­urta: trum­pet; All­sopp: bass cla­ri­net; Chal­lenger: tenor sax; Di Biase: bass; Scott: drums).