Cloudscape: Dinning by Wyrding

Exclus­ive guest mix by Wyrd­ing, fea­tur­ing music by TS, Type O Neg­at­ive, Gwy­dion Pendder­wen, Black Hole, Mer­cy­ful Fate, Jobriath, Jack­son C. Frank, God­speed You! Black Emperor, Paul Chain, Manilla Road, Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Bo Har­wood, Black Sab­bath, Emer­ald Web, Wor­ship - Tide of Ter­minus : Ter­ranean Wake I, The Hang­men, Joe Hisaishi, Scott Walker, Star Ocean, Mark Knop­fler, Pall­bearer, The Moon Lay Hid­den Beneath a Cloud, and Worms­blood.

Eclipse Review: Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Geisterfaust

Why this par­tic­u­lar album as Even­ing of Light’s first eclipse review, you might ask. At first sight, Geister­faust is an odd one out, com­pared to most of the music we (shall) dis­cuss at the site. Still, I believe this record expresses bet­ter than many oth­ers what EoL is all about.

Review: Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Dolores (2008)

As some read­ers will recall, I con­cluded my eclipse review of Geister­faust - the very first on this web­site - with the obser­va­tion that its end­ing left many aven­ues open for its fol­lowup. Now, three years on, that fol­lowup is here, and I was a bit sur­prised by the res­ults at first.