Review: In Gowan Ring - The Glinting Spade (1999)

Rereleases long over­due is primar­ily a rel­ev­ant cat­egory when you don’t own the ori­ginal album. Appar­ently, I got the abso­lute last copy of the ori­ginal The Glint­ing Spade CD when I bought it from Blues­anct some seven years back, or at least that’s what the label told me. It’s been sold out since then, and while the sur­round­ing albums The Twin Trees and Hazel Steps Through a Weathered Home had been given new edi­tions by Shayo at around the same time, The Glint­ing Spade had to wait to this year to be over­hauled by Ger­man label Mer­lin’s Nose. The ground­break­ing début album Love Charms has been wal­low­ing in obscur­ity since 1994, but hey, what can you do. Maybe some­thing to con­sider for its 20th anniversary next year? For those who for whatever reason did­n’t snag a copy of the ori­ginal release, here are some reas­ons why the new issue should get your atten­tion.