Sound, Space, and Play: an interview with Jessica Curry

Jes­sica Curry is an Eng­lish com­poser and co-dir­ector (together with Dan Pinch­beck) of video­game stu­dio The Chinese Room. Like many people, I first became famil­iar with her work through the award-win­ning soundtrack for the game Dear Esther, an exper­i­mental attempt to tell a ghost story in an inter­act­ive medium. […] Jes­sica is cur­rently work­ing on the soundtrack for the stu­di­o’s upcom­ing game Every­body’s Gone to the Rap­ture. In a recent email con­ver­sa­tion, we dis­cussed her back­ground, cur­rent works, and some thoughts on the rela­tion­ship between space, sound, and play.