Cloudscape #53: May 2015 (#2)

A second mix for May, fea­tur­ing music by Dirk Ser­ries & Rut­ger Zuy­dervelt, Andrew Weath­ers, Lutine, Áine O’D­wyer, Caught in the Wake Forever, Brian D’Oli­veira, Wolf Maps, BC Grimm, ACV, Ave­parthe, and Amanda Feery & Michael Tan­ner.

A Year In The Country — United Bible Studies - Doineann

In my 2012 review of The Cloisters, I had writ­ten about how the ima­gined land­scape (Bri­tain, in these cases) fea­tures so strongly in some strains of con­tem­por­ary exper­i­mental folk music. Gran­ted, this has been a cent­ral theme in folk since the 60s revival, but as I argue, the ease with which elec­tronic manip­u­la­tion can be applied these days has really influ­enced some of the more exper­i­mental folk works in the past dec­ade or so. This heightened inter­play of the ‘acous­tic’ and elec­tronic, and in a broader sense, between the rural and the urban, makes for a lim­inal artistic and ima­gin­ary field that is find­ing dif­fer­ent forms of expres­sion these days.

Review: The Cloisters (2012)

By now I think we can safely enshrine Michael Tan­ner in the hall of fame of com­posers who… — well, I still have dif­fi­culties describ­ing this move­ment, if indeed it is one, but I would say that it is char­ac­ter­ised by a mod­ern or for­ward-look­ing com­bin­a­tion of instru­mental (mostly acous­tic) music with elec­tronic record­ing and edit­ing tech­niques, field record­ings, and sampling. At the same time, rather than run­ning with the obvi­ous theme of futur­istic urban music, these com­posers look back­ward and inward, to a partly real, partly ima­gined his­tor­ical land­scape.