Ex Abyssō is a zine project published under the Evening of Light banner.

It’s a print / digital zine written and curated from a highly personal perspective, featuring music reviews, but also heavily emphasising visual art, essays, poetry, and prose. Every issue of Ex Abyssō is accompanied by a music EP.

75% of the profits of each issue will be distributed among the contributing artists, with the rest going to Evening of Light and/or a selected charity.

As said, the zine is written from a personal perspective, with abyss, void, chaos, as an overarching inspirational principle. This includes but is not restricted to themes of femininity, the other, resistance, independence, origins, the divine, infinity, loss, despair, grief. Submissions dealing with such themes will be fitting regardless of any possible thematic issue.

I’m currently accepting original submissions in the form of:

  • music (no longer than 20 minutes)

Issue themes & styles:

Issue # Date Theme Open for submission?
I August 2018 Closed
II October 2018 Phase Transition Closed
III Autumn/Winter 2019 Masks Open
IV ? ? ?

If you wish to contribute, or have general inquiries about how Ex Abyssō operatesget in touch with me through your usual channels, or mail me at

This page will periodically change to reflect upcoming themes and other relevant information.