Alex Crispin – Open Submission

This review first appeared in print issue I of Ex Abyssō.

Alex Crispin
Open Submission
Constellation Tatsu, 2018

This is Alex Crispin sending me something I didn’t ask for, and didn’t exactly know how bad I wanted. This is him just saying: “hey, I made this little thing, maybe you’ll get something out of it.” Yes, I most certainly did.

Part of Constellation Tatsu’s overall excellent Spring 2018 bundle, Open Submission is a narrow half hour of organ, soft electric guitar, synth harp, bells, and the like. It’s wide as the sky, gentle as a brook. It invites us to flower from within, break down the barriers of ego, and become one-in-many.

For a moment, I was inclined to say that Open Submission is “not just ambient music”, but that’s disingenuous. It is that, and that is so much, and exactly enough. Open up, submit yourself and whatever you have to offer. It is exactly enough.

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