Gnaw Their Tongues – Aan het licht teruggeven

This review first appeared in print issue I of Ex Abyssō.

Gnaw Their Tongues
Aan het licht teruggeven
Self-released, 2018

A funeral doom release under Mories de Jong’s Gnaw Their Tongues name, who would have expected that? And yet, here it is. Aan het licht teruggeven is an EP recorded in two parts between 2015 and 2017, and it’s indeed too good to leave lying around.

The two main tracks actually do take some elements from De Jong’s harsher works: crunchy guitars, choirs, screams, but the combination is given much more room to breathe, much more time to unfold. Sandwiched in between is a chilling setting of Emily Brontë’s poem “Remembrance”.

A surprising release under this moniker, but I sure wouldn’t mind more of this in the future. You can tell De Jong’s heart is in it.

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