Cloudscape: something

Two hours of today, registered, stacked, and spliced with other people’s field record­ings, drones, and aural exper­i­ments. I feel like it’s a lot and also not and maybe it amounts to… some­thing.

Cloudscape: μηλι

A pray­er­ful col­lage of anger and dejec­tion. Micro­cosm, meso­cosm, mac­ro­cosm. Μηλινόη uncaged once more. Death, black, doom, noise, and the harsh edges of hiphop.

Cloudscape: hedda.mmxx.v.xx

Hadewych’s got you covered with a lot of catchy metal tunes and a few poppy sur­prises on the side. We’re for­ging ahead with our new format. Hope you like it! God­dess will­ing, we’ll be back next week with Ἀρέθουσα and some serene ambi­ent and acous­tic mater­ial.

Clouscape: μηλι.mmxx.v.xi

A new old exper­i­ment. Μηλι speak­ing dir­ectly from the under­world. New and old harsh metal / noise / dun­geon / gaze. To be con­tin­ued, elab­or­ated upon, or not. It is what it is.

Cloudscape: Robed in Saffron

[ΜΕΛΙ] They let me out of my cage, so you’re get­ting preg­nant static, sub­con­scious rhythm, plaint­ive voices and reli­gious noise.