Cloudscape: v∞.mmxx.v.xv

Genevieve and syn­thetic voice. Exper­i­mental dance beats, indus­trial noises, touches of jazz.

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artist track album year pur­chase link
Djrum Waters Rising Por­trait with Fire­wood 2018 [buy it]
Exos Quod Arcanum Leti­cia Indigo 2020 [buy it]
Sangam & Pixelord Weathered Entity City High Fantasy 2020 [buy it]
N1L crawlspace (Exploited Body Rmx) Water Memory (Remixed) 2018 [buy it]
Max Jaffe The Rake Giant Beat 2019 [buy it]
C 307 K-04 LUNA Y PANORAMA DE LOS INSECTOS 1986 [buy it]
Zoë Mc Pher­son Power flu­ids (pitch­less) States of Fugue 2020 [buy it]
Zavoloka Free­dom of Exclu­sion Sobor 2019 [buy it]
Jamie Awak­shidar Heroine Heroine 2020 [buy it]
TAKAHIRO MUKAI #325 Mul­tiple Con­nec­tions 2020 [buy it]
Sebastian Maria Cages In Bronx (LUN 03.01.18) Lunitas 2019 [buy it]
Rui Ho Wings Of Light (HDMIRROR Remix) In Pur­suit of the Sun 逐日 2019 [buy it]
Seba & Para­dox Love or Death Hexagon 2020 [buy it]
Her­metic Broth­er­hood of Lux-Or Ruins and shell cas­ings Sex and Dead Cit­ies 2019 [buy it]
Kid Mil­lions & Sarah Bern­stein Con­di­tions Broken Fall 2019 [buy it]
Oliver Lake Eriee NTU: Point from Which Cre­ation Begins 1971 [buy it]