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LEYA - Flood Dream

Flood Dream
2020, NNA Tapes

With a cover like that, we expec­ted sleazy post punk or some­thing else too cool for school. Any­thing but this, really. A duo of voices, a violin, and a stra­tegic­ally detuned harp. Songs that ache and drip with a sad and uncom­prom­ising romantic ser­i­ous­ness that we some­times try to dis­miss in ourselves as juven­ile, but which never quite goes away.

We can feel there are par­al­lels for what LEYA are doing in mod­ern clas­sical music and the obscure out­skirts of adven­tur­ous ‘pop’ genres alike, but listen­ing to Flood Dream we really don’t care. There’s a sin­gu­lar energy here that draws us in time and time again, and the rest of the world and its his­tory melts away for a while.

There’s a sad­ness here quite often, yes, but not a debil­it­at­ing, isol­at­ing one. We feel called to a space where our sad­ness is shared, or echoed, or at least is just allowed to be. Given room to breathe, breathe along to these voices, it heals a bit at a time.

Not just that. There’s a danger and a mys­tery. Visu­al­ised in the above film for “INTP”, we feel seduc­tion, the intim­ate ties between love, desire, and death. From the rel­at­ive safety of aud­it­ory lan­guage, per­haps, but it does­n’t feel safe. Parts of us are afraid some­thing will lodge itself inside us and eat away at us until we too rush off into ecstatic obli­vion. Or to be fair, the seed was always there, ready to be awakened.

We’re blessed to feel. Flood Dreams even­tu­ally lets us go, and then we’re reminded of people and things we love, have loved, might love. Life and cre­ation are end­lessly com­plex, but the mind some­times finds focal points to settle in so that things fall into place, if even just a little bit. We’ll be com­ing back often to whichever aban­doned house in the mists of time this music ori­gin­ates in. Maybe it moves around con­stantly. We’ll find it. We’ll fol­low our ears and our heart.

Flood Dreams’ is out on 6 March 2020 on CD/LP/Digital throuh NNA Tapes.

Reviewed by Genevieve

Reviewed by Μηλινόη