Μηλινόη, 28 October 2019


des­pair, demen­tia, dis­sent

black, death, funeral, dun­geon, dark ambi­ent, sadgaze, harsh elec­tron­ics, intense (neo-)classical

Raw punky black metal like it should be done. Arnaut Pavle’s self-titled debut EP ori­gin­ally came out in 2013, but got a deserved vinyl release on Mys­tískaos this year. Scoop this up to give your break­fast a kick or whatever.

Some­times you just go «fuck yeah, that’s a riff!». Cold Curse pulls that off a couple of times in the span of just ten minutes with their hard­core-infused death metal. Viol­ent Meas­ure is one heck of a 7 inch and I’m so here for it. Out now on Cre­ator-Destructor.

We’ve been depressed as fuck, and words come hard. But we can­not stay silent about the new HAUNTER album, out through I, Void­hanger and Tar­tarus. This is death metal equal parts subtle, aggress­ive, and mel­an­cholic. Kinda like old Opeth but without the sac­char­ine bits. This one just keeps grow­ing on me.

This is sad, very sad, altern­at­ingly soft and abras­ive. I love it. HOLY FAWN put enough hard edges into their shoegaze to push it to my edge of the spec­trum. DEATH SPELLS came out a year ago, and it still kick­ing around my playl­ists. ?

It’s the blend­ing of slug­gish gut punches and sharp aggres­sion that makes doom/death such a potent combo. Mor­ti­ferum’s upcom­ing album has both in spades, and a crush­ing pro­duc­tion to boot. Old school, proper shit. This girl’s con­tent. “Death-bear­ing” indeed.

Dis­gorged from Psychotic Depths is out since Octo­ber 11th on Pro­found Lore.

It went under my radar for a while, but Nacht­mys­tium’s Resi­li­ent EP is a solid piece of work. An essay in black metal ver­sat­iliy: slightly mel­an­cholic and pon­der­ous, with some bright open vis­tas and diverse com­pos­i­tion.

It came out last year on Proph­ecy and bodes well for things to come.

Sad, sad, realms… Ah yeah, that clas­sic sym­pho black up in my face. Just leave me here for a while with this Odium clas­sic all the way back from 1998.

Tyr­an­nic are at it again with their filthy old school black metal on Exterm­in­at­ing Angel. Can’t get enough of this stuff: it’s raw, it’s doomy, and with sur­prises around every corner. If Furze isn’t enough for you, give these guys a go! Tape/digital via Seance Records.

Yel­low EyesRare Field Ceil­ing is the latest, deeply sat­is­fy­ing chapter in one the most impress­ive black metal jour­neys of recent years. Read my full review here.

Yhdarl does howl­ing mad funeral doom on M O R B U S. It hurts. It’s sick. I want it.

Listen to their out­rageous cover of Faith­less’ “Insom­nia” in my latest epis­ode of Sty­gian Demen­tia.