Μηλινόη’s Stygian Dementia #05

When life is noth­ing but grind­ing and ham­mer­ing, Μηλινόη puts her head down and leans in.

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artist track album year pur­chase link
Sivyj Yar The Wind Whis­pers In Solitude The Unmourned Past 2016 [buy it]
Mylingar Mållösh­eten Döda Själar 2019 [buy it]
Grogus Biovore Four Kings 2019 [buy it]
Abbildung Fer­runi At The Gates Of Ouln 2019 [buy it]
Aor­atos Thresher Gods Without Name 2019 [buy it]
Yel­low Eyes No Dust Rare Field Ceil­ing 2019 [buy it]
Haunter Spoils Vul­tured Upon Sole Dele­tion Sac­ra­mental Death Qualia 2019 [buy it]
Black Earth Doc­trines Of Dis­so­ci­ation Gnarled Ritual Of Self Anni­hil­a­tion 2019 [buy it]
Tre­pa­n­er­ing­s­ritualen Konung Krönt I Blod (Nord­vargr Rework) Konung Krönt I Blod / Salve Ter­ag­mon 2019 [buy it]
Doden­bezweer­der Zwarte Slu­iers Over Dode Gezichten Zwarte Slu­iers 2019 [buy it]
Nera­terræ That Which Shall Not Be Wit­nessed (feat. Xer­xes the Dark and Treha Sek­tori) The Sub­stance Of Per­cep­tion 2019 [buy it]
Yhdarl Insom­nia M O R B U S 2019 [buy it]