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Yellow Eyes - Rare Field Ceiling

On Rare Field Ceil­ing, Yel­low Eyes are once per­fectly tapped into both their own intu­ition and the high­lights of the more intric­ate pieces of black metal his­tory.

The usual ingredi­ents are there: first, the mean­der­ing melodic riffs that are not par­tic­u­larly angry, not par­tic­u­larly dark, but def­in­itely noth­ing easy to digest either. And then there’s always the right amount of reli­gious folk­loric field record­ings to tie the dif­fer­ent tracks together into one tapestry. Yel­low Eyes takes you to places that only they can.

The lyr­ics match per­fectly: impres­sion­istic, without pomp or cir­cum­stance, but a mix of per­spect­ives where the organic and the arti­fi­cial blend to the point where we’re reminded how sense­less such divi­sions are in the first place. There are only trans­itions. Beau­ti­fully, the album illus­trates the pres­sure of upward move­ment, boil­ing, build­ing, fum­ing, and rising. And inev­it­ably, the fall.

There are few rad­ical breaks of style on Rare Field Ceil­ing, but that’s not what I want from Yel­low Eyes any­way. The album feels like part of a con­tinuum, par­tic­u­larly with the last two albums, a logical next stage of the jour­ney, and it’s one of the best, most emo­tion­ally reward­ing jour­neys that I know of.

Rare Field Ceil­ing is out since June 28 on CD/LP through Gilead Media.

Reviewed by Μηλινόη