Μηλινόη’s Stygian Dementia #04

Μηλινόη invites you to stare her depres­sion right in its ugly face. It’s a mask. And behind it, another one. Driven towards death, will we embrace the empti­ness, and so never live again?

Art: Odi­lon Redon - ‘Angel in Chains’ (c. 1895)

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artist track album year pur­chase link
For­got­ten Tomb Todestrieb Spring­time Depres­sion 2003 [buy it]
Déhà Black­ness In May Cruel Words 2019 [buy it]
Mourn­ful Con­greg­a­tion Heads Bowed An Epic Dream of Desire 1997 [buy it]
Northaunt Laid Bare Beneath The Stars Bar­ren Land 2004 [buy it]
Beth­le­hem Niemals mehr leben Lebe dich leer 2019 [buy it]
Wor­ship Eclipse Of Sor­row Last Tape Before Dooms­day 1999 [buy it]
Com­mon Eider, King Eider We Sing Over These Bones So That They May Rise Up And Run Away Into The Night A Wound of Body 2018 [buy it]
Thou Behind the Mask, Another Mask Incon­sol­able 2018 [buy it]
Funeral Demise Tra­gedies 1995 [buy it]
Yel­low Eyes One Rock For The Wild Dog The Desert Mourns 2014 [buy it]
Drawn Into Des­cent Death… The End­less Endeav­our 2019 [buy it]
øjeRum Alt­ing Falder I Samme Rum IV Alt­ing Falder I Samme Rum 2019 [buy it]
Wyrd­ing Agony in Being II Agony in Being 2014 [buy it]
Terzij de Horde Geryon - See Extin­guished the Sight of Everything but the Mon­ster Self 2017 [buy it]
Evoken Embrace the Empti­ness Quietus 2000 [buy it]