Hadewych, 8 June 2019


enthu­si­asm and stub­born­ness 

rock, heavy metal, punk, hard­core, pop, tunes, hip-hop, r&b, vapor­wave

Yes yes yes! Pre­pare for attack! Aph­rod­ite comes rip­ping out of the gates with an old school af speed metal album, Lust and War. Agit­ated tem­pos, rous­ing riff­age, snappy solos… these are the things that make Hedda happy. Greek myth­o­lo­gical themes? Nice. Even bet­ter: the vocals by Tanza Speed that give this whole thing an appro­pri­ate lady­punk feel. I dig it!

Out July 9th on Fighter Records.

That funky stuff! West­ern style sen­sual future disco from Barb­Wal­ters on Pleas­ure, out on Busi­ness Cas­ual for your delect­a­tion. Get your butt to this dance­hall and move your feet, dam­nit!

I don’t chill often, but when I do it’s with nicely stretched out pop dit­ties like the one Hant­asi so gen­er­ously pur­veys on Tusop®. Start­ing with “I’m Every Woman”, it can’t do much wrong any­more after that. Out now on Geo­met­ric Lul­laby.

Some ser­i­ous groov­ing on Tower, the upcom­ing IRATA album. Sweet at times, quite often heavy as heck. Smoothly pro­por­tioned heavy rocky proggy metal, and goes down well with this spring sun. Out since May 24 through Small Stone.

Kick­ing off the day with some Croation hard­core from KEVLAR BIKINI. The title Rants, Riff­age and Rous­ing Rhythms is spot on, tbh. The voice is my least favour­ite part, but the rest is get­ting me into an ass-kick­ing mood.

If y’all are prop­erly woken up, it’s time to get funky on this day. Kind Mr. S was indeed so kind as to grace us with þis smoooth vapor­trap col­lec­tion last year on Geo­met­ric Lul­laby. Mint 400 Social Club has got that good past–future feel going on.

Well THIS cer­tainly rips. Dal­las’ POWER TRIP unleash a bunch of col­lec­ted and remastered rar­it­ies. Quite simply an excel­lent thrash slab right here.

Atti­tude in spades on Black Up, the 2011 debut album by Shabazz Palaces. Get some of that clas­sic exper­i­mental hip hop elec­tron­ica. So much yum.

Vis­igoth doing a Dark Souls trib­ute?! Are you kid­ding me? Bells of Awaken­ing hits exactly the right notes: a slight bit more pon­der­ous, but just as rous­ing as their work on Con­quer­or’s Oath. Artorias is never for­got­ten <3

Hey hey hey! Just funkin’… ミスト M Y S T is bring­ing that solid vapor on 赤毛. Sample-based, smooth, and sure to get your feet tap­pin’ and your fin­gers snap­pin’. Via the esteemed Bogus Col­lect­ive!