Μηλινόη, 3 June 2019


des­pair, demen­tia, dis­sent

black, death, funeral, dun­geon, dark ambi­ent, sadgaze, harsh elec­tron­ics, intense (neo-)classical

Yeah this bitch isn’t done by a long shot. This brand new AORATOS album rips hard. Furi­ous, relent­less, outer realms-invok­ing black metal from the mas­ter­mind behind AKHLYS. Gods Without Name is out now on Debemur Morti.

Beth­le­hem’s Lebe Dich Leer dropped May 17th on Proph­ecy Pro­duc­tions. You’ve been warned. This is crys­tal-solid black/death with a catchy wave core. And of course, totally howl­ing mad. This one is going on repeat, because this is where my mind wants to go.

This is that PROPER depress­ive dark metal. I love this to bits. With The End­less Endeav­our Bel­gi­um’s DRAWN INTO DESCENT put down a deli­ciously mel­an­cholic slab to sink your teeth into. You won’t get too lost in it; this is that sooth­ing stuff. (2019, Avant­garde)

ESOCTRILIHUM are back already with their 4th album and I can’t get enough of this pure cos­mic death. It’s not just the over­whelm­ing riff­age and sear­ing leads, but the tiny details that cut me to the bone. This one clocks in at 77 minutes and it’s all worth it. The Tel­luric Ashes of the Ö Vrth Imme­morial Gods is out since May 24th on I, Void­hanger.

I’m sup­posed to call this blackened post-hard­core or some shit, but shrug. What I do care about is that Glassing’s Spot­ted Horse is full of sharp riffs, power­ful break­downs and an anxious atmo­sphere that just GETS TO ME. (2019, Bru­tal Panda)

Laster is weird, exper­i­mental, and darkly Dutch. Their third album Het Wassen Oog is an enig­matic work of black metal that does­n’t shy away from the unortho­dox. Con­sider this lady intrigued. Out now on Proph­ecy.

This would usu­ally be one of the oth­ers’ ter­rain, but I’m claim­ing OKADA’s new album Life Is But An Empty Dream at least for the aes­thetic and the song titles. »Fucked Up Inside« starts off this power ambi­ent trip with a harsh edge. From »The Right To Des­troy Myself« onwards, we get a great trio of the pro­ject’s usual down­cast rhythmic ambi­ent. »Killing Myself for Your Love«, »I Still Wake Up Think­ing You Are By My Side«? Yeah, that’s my jam.

Out now on n5MD.

Chile’s SADISM are back with a rock solid thrashy death metal album. Eth­er­eal Dead Cult (2019, Toxic) is 40 minutes non-stop head­banging assault. That’s pretty much all this girl wants or needs today.

It’s a bit of punk ‘n’ roll, and a whole lot of blackened edges. Thonian Horde’s Down­fall is a nasty, ener­getic romp that suits this grumpy gal just fine. Not without its psychy sur­prises either! Out since May 24th on Grim­oire.

Cold, hard, and mech­an­ical. VALBORG’s latest opus deliv­ers those proper punches. Zen­trum is a power­ful amal­gam of recol­lec­ted raw­ness and chrome pol­ish. It also some­how man­ages to be very Ger­man and yet not tick me off aes­thet­ic­ally. Sry, not sry! Out since May 17th on Proph­ecy.