voidassembly progenitrix v∞, 29 January 2019


struc­ture, tex­ture, move­ment

elec­tron­ics, synth, post-rock, jazz, beats, house, avant­garde, musique con­crète

Black Spir­ituals - Black Interi­ors (2015, Rat­skin)

What do you mean do I want 25 minutes of sick drum solo? Of course I do! There’s a bunch of really cool drones too.

Boy is Fic­tion + Ghosts of Tyto Alba con­jure a dreamy, wist­ful kind of pop. A Single Beam of Light has a slight post-rock­ish spine, but it branches out into elec­tronic, vel­vety songs under­pinned by new-age-poppy beat struc­tures. Out now on n5MD.

The Charlie Min­gus Jazz Work­shop - Pithec­an­thropus Erectus (1956, Atlantic)

This is very relaxed, and with a strong ludic touch, espe­cially on “A Foggy Day” when the band does a proper imit­a­tion of inner-city traffic.

Dhafer Youssef - Divine Shad­ows (2006, Jazzland)

This is gold. Youssef effort­lessly pairs Tunisian tra­di­tional influ­ences with elec­tro-jazz. The res­ult is an album that is not so much time­less as that it evokes a time and place that is not quite there. Poetic, med­it­at­ive, and with a sharp, omin­ous edge.

Here’s one ‘from the old box’, as we say in Dutch: Geskia!‘s 323 Say­on­ara Memor­ies is a bright, shim­mer­ing, fun album of glitchy elec­tron­ics. There’s a very nice remix album too! Both were released in 2012 by good old Home Nor­mal.

Wak­ing up to the lovely live min­imal synths of Jonathan Fit­oussi’s Diag­on­als. Two long med­it­a­tions explore simple cycles and subtle timbre shifts. (2018, Hands in the Dark)

Smoooothy slick post-rock­ing on Déjà Rêvé by LTO. Synth-heavy, very mel­an­cholic, and with a mas­ter­ful touch on blend­ing piano and gui­tar melod­ies through more abstract arrange­ments. (2018, Den­ov­ali)

STURQEN’s Sur­viv­al­ismo (2018, kvitnu): this is proper noisy techno, with a dash of 90s cyber­punk atmo­sphere. Con­sist­ently pump­ing and plow­ing, with subtle shifts in melody. Mommy like.

Tommy Flanagan, John Col­trane, Kenny Bur­rell, Idrees Sulie­man - The Cats (1959, New Jazz)

A proper all-star col­lab­or­a­tion right here. These cats have a gor­geous cool syn­ergy on tracks with a vari­ety of intens­it­ies. (Also play­ing: Doug Watkins, Louis Hayes).

In Decem­ber 2018, Round Planet Enter­tain­ment put out valyri’s Hori­zon’s Fade, a char­ac­ter­istic col­lec­tion of beats and melod­ies warped through v’s trade­mark haze. The kind of mobile ambi­ent that turns into a com­fort­ing dance. Lovely!