Μηλινόη, 17 December 2018


des­pair, demen­tia, dis­sent

black, death, funeral, dun­geon, dark ambi­ent, sadgaze, harsh elec­tron­ics, intense (neo-)classical

Beherit - Draw­ing Down the Moon (1993, Spine­farm)

Yeah, this is that stuff. Weird, murkily pro­duced black metal from Fin­land. Sounds like outer space, but from the claus­tro­phobic con­fines of a cap­sule. Mad­ness ensues.

What do you pull from a bog? That’s right: corpses and iron. And Bog Body could not have chosen their name more per­fectly: this is excru­ci­at­ingly slow death metal, com­pletely based on muddy riffs and raspy vocals. Through the Burial Bog is a first demo for this two-piece from New York, but I’m already anxious for more, because this is the kind of sick doom/death for which you may rouse me from my slum­ber.

Com­mon Eider, King Eider have low key put out two bleak doom ambi­ent mas­ter­pieces this year. A Wound of Body (Cyc­lic Law) and A Wound of Earth (Con­soul­ing / Cloister) are both organic, deeper than deep, heavy, spir­itual.

Con­vulsing’s Griev­ous has been hov­er­ing near the top of Band­camp’s death metal charts for a while now, and it’s not hard to see why. This is some smart stuff: pro­gress­ive, var­ied, bru­tal, con­tem­plat­ive at times. Still PWYW, so do give this one a spin.

Today has been an appro­pri­ate day for Över’s moody black/doom hybrid­ity. A razor-sharp, clean sound, and plenty of bom­bastic yet down­cast feels. (2018, Avant­garde)

Oh yeah mommy likes this. That sweet massive doomy death metal that you can just sink your teeth into. Scolex and Mor­tu­ous deliver the goods on this recent split 7 inch. (2018, Car­bon­ized)

Prrrrrrroper cos­mic death metal on this recent Tomb Mold tape: Cerulean Sal­va­tion. It’s got that slightly raw, very thick pro­duc­tion that I love, like almost con­gealed lava. Irres­ist­ible.

Buys ran­dom older Yel­low Eyes release. Sur­prise: it’s FUCKING GOOD. Per­fectly pro­por­tioned EP with relent­lessly mel­an­cholic and intense melodic riff­ing.

Going on some Tri­als in the Shadow Realm, and while it’s kinda dark, the sounds are sooth­ing. This is a realm made of nos­tal­gia and eleg­ant sim­pli­city. A lovely entry in this grow­ing series of Dun­geon Synth Com­pil­a­tions.