voidassembly progenitrix v∞, 30 November 2018


struc­ture, tex­ture, move­ment

elec­tron­ics, synth, post-rock, jazz, beats, house, avant­garde, musique con­crète

I’m 100% here for Aïsha Devi’s ritual techno. 2015’s Of Mat­ter And Spirit is a dark, intric­ate, dance­able work that’s incred­ibly reward­ing, whether you’re calmly listen­ing or mov­ing along to it. This is going on my DJ playl­ist for sure.

This is just what Mummy needed right now. Over 90 minutes of top-hole argiflex remixes on Suf­foc­a­tion: The Throat­less Remixes (2017, Bed­lam Tapes). Jungle, hard beats, soft elec­tron­ics.

What appears to start out as some good but unsur­pris­ing vapor­wave turns into soph­ist­ic­ated ambi­ent and soft beat ter­rit­ory on later tracks, while never com­pletely let­ting go of its vapor inspir­a­tions. Love Hotel究極 has an atmo­sphere entirely its own.

Ooh, this is good. Mys­ter­i­ous ambi­ent with a strong melodic gui­tar and synth focus. Bey­ond the Broken Ice by Matt Frank & The Manic Moon (2018, No Prob­lema Tapes) is a very evoc­at­ive spacy trip that steers away from many clichés of ambi­ent and post-rock.

This is some hard-hit­ting stuff from Angolan-via-Man­cunian Nazar. Enclave explores the viol­ent (post)colonial his­tory of Angola through abstract techno, gun samples, and noisy edges. Tak­ing and dark­en­ing Kuduro music, Nazar turns pop­u­lar music into a weapon against oppres­sion. And yeah, dan­cing against oppres­sion is super legit. Out now digit­ally on Hyper­dub, vinyl in Janu­ary.

Vari­ous Artists - Torque (1997, No U Turn)

A truly essen­tial drum & bass ‘com­pil­a­tion’, this one con­tains works by Ed RushNico, Trace, and Fierce in vari­ous con­stel­la­tions. Invent­ive and var­ied beat­works with a dark atmo­sphere. The second disc, a non-stop live mix by Rush, is espe­cially worth­while, but unfor­tu­nately not on Spo­tify.