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Dronny Darko and Apollonius - The Sea of Potentials

Dronny Darko and Apol­lonius
The Sea of Poten­tials

The Sea of Poten­tials is about the pos­sib­il­it­ies of things in hid­den places. Places where entit­ies can grow and evolve in isol­a­tion, away from pry­ing eyes and med­dling fin­gers. It’s an ode to the unknown, and to embra­cing the unknown as it lurks just bey­ond the bor­der of our per­cep­tion.

These two ambi­ent artists—one Ukrain­ian, one Dutch—have found each oth­er’s wavelength per­fectly. It’s hard to tell who has brought what influ­ences and sounds to the table here: the res­ult is so seam­less. The same goes for the blend of organic field recor­ded sounds and syn­thes­ised tones: both meld into one coher­ent palette of sound.

It’s dark ambi­ent, but dark in the sense of obscured, out of sight. We can’t see, but we can hear. Not a lit­eral sea, but per­haps a sym­bolic wet­land, home to rip­pling brooks, tiny water­falls, insects, the foot­steps of a trav­el­ler. And the sound of that hid­den poten­tial, softly pulsing and vibrat­ing.

The Sea of Poten­tials is a place that is nowhere, and hence the per­fect place for the mind to set out towards.

The Sea of Poten­tials came out Septem­ber 22 on ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ.

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