Μηλινόη, 15 October 2018


des­pair, demen­tia, dis­sent

black, death, funeral, dun­geon, dark ambi­ent, sadgaze, harsh elec­tron­ics, intense (neo-)classical

Oh yeah, this is some proper creepy dark ambi­ent. AJNA’s Lucid Intru­sion (2018, Cyc­lic Law) has an impalp­able sub­tlety that sets it apart in the genre. There’s some­thing lurk­ing in the room, draped in dust, drift­ing on the seas of dream.

It’s good times for blackened crust/hardcore. ANCST are one of the greats. This year’s ghosts of the time­less void (2018, Life­force) is ener­getic as all hell, with rous­ing riffs and bliz­zard blasts.

Cos­mic Church’s final album Täyttymys is an epic piece of atmo­spheric black metal. Great leads, a touch of bom­bast, a mel­an­cholic and heavy jour­ney. Out now via Kuun­palve­lus.

If you’re in the mood for some bru­tal sludgy hard­core, check out First Degree’s remastered edi­tion of Street Justice (2018, Rabid Bite). It’s aggress­ive, crush­ing, and will make you bang your head. That’s all I ask.

Want some more doom? Gov­ernance by khost (2017, Cold Spring) is a plod­ding indus­trial swamp album with mad­den­ing chants, strings, brass, and a pleth­ora of effects. A haunt­ing, var­ied, and abso­lutely crush­ing work.

Nec­ro­man­tia - Scar­let Evil Witch­ing Black (1995, Osmose)

This is some solid black from Greece. A nice vicious sound, not afraid to go a little heavy on the synths (“The Arcane Light of Hec­ate”), drop in some solos, a doom riff… A pretty var­ied album.

Seek­ing Infin­ity is clas­sic Pan­theïst. (Trust me, I know). Epic funeral doom with plenty of room for clas­sical influ­ences, tak­ing the time to bring across its philo­soph­ical theme of the self. The band’s most aggress­ive and con­cise album in years.

Alma is Wind­faerer deliv­er­ing blackened melodeath with a ton of catchy hooks and a star­ring role for violin leads. It’s epic and rock­ing, but mel­an­cholic at times. Came out last month on Avant­garde Music.