Ἀρέθουσα’s Elysian Dreams #02

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Ἀρέθουσα has been Elysian Dream­ing again. In her secluded fields, snatches of song, the sound of the land­scape, the drone of a dream.

artist track album year pur­chase link
Vera Ward Hall I Been Drink­ing Deep River of Song: Alabama 2001
Justin Wig­gan HIRAETH cac­tus vari­ations TWO Internal Garden: Research Col­lec­tion Four 2018 [buy it]
David Colo­han How We’ll Go Out The Shildam Hall Tapes 2018 [buy it]
The Green King­dom Woolen Sky Seen And Unseen 2018 [buy it]
Halftribe From One Point to Another For the Sum­mer, or Forever 2018 [buy it]
Maps and Dia­grams Bär­förmåga Illu­min­a­tions II 2018 [buy it]
Tan­gent Equi­lib­rium I Approach­ing Com­plex­ity 2018 [buy it]
Med Gen Man from the Bog Brit­tle­roots 2018 [buy it]
Howl­round A Closed Cir­cuit The Quietened Mech­an­isms 2018 [buy it]
Twelve Thou­sand Days errant desires Insect Silence 2018 [buy it]
witxes Destruc­tions Ori­ents 2018 [buy it]
Chester Hawkins Whist­ler’s Black­out LVII XXXVII 2018 [buy it]
Urze de Lume Alvorada de Destroços As Árvores Estão Secas e Não Têm Fol­has 2018 [buy it]
Anne Malin Song of the Siren Fog Area 2018 [buy it]
Saåad Liba­tions Présence Absente 2018 [buy it]
Beast Nest Ganga Taste of India 2016 [buy it]
Mike Nigro & Andrew Oster­houdt Everything Inter­laced Lat­it­udes 2018 [buy it]
Julia Kent & Jean D.L. Part Three The Great Lake Swal­lows 2018 [buy it]
A Veil of Water In Safe Arms Late Night Loneli­ness 2018 [buy it]