Ἀρέθουσα, 7 October 2018


isol­a­tion, intro­spec­tion, relax­a­tion

ambi­ent, folk, drone, acous­tic, vocal, field record­ings, early music, spir­itual

Alan Lomax - Deep River of Song: Alabama (2001, Rounder)

Glor­i­ous folk and blues record­ings from late 1930s Alabama, out of Lomax’s Lib­rary of Con­gress col­lec­tion.

Anouar Bra­hemThi­mar (1998, ECM)

Thi­mar is a lovely arab jazz piece, with oud from Bra­hem, sax and cla­ri­net by John Sur­man, and some great bass work by Dave Hol­land. Part of a large Bra­hem oeuvre that I’ll be mov­ing through in the future.

voidassembly_progenitrix_v∞ likes this one, too, of course!

Cine­matic is a dark ambi­ent PR buzzword that I try to avoid, but for Atrium Car­ceri I’ll make an excep­tion. Codex (2018, Cryo Cham­ber) simply is an aural guide to an inner film, one that explores the worlds bey­ond the veil.

Cov­arino/Incor­vaia hold a gentle, exten­ded dia­logue, not just between two gui­tars, but between them­selves and the space around them, as time unfolds. Choidi is out now on Pre­served Sound.

Full review in the next issue of Ex Abyssō.

[ D A T A B U R S T ] - J u n g l e P l a n e t (2016, Bogus Col­lect­ive)

Flaw­less musical image of a ver­nal alien planet through the hazy lens of new age / game soundtrack instru­ment­a­tion.

After­noon nap inter­rup­ted by the mail lady (bless!), but chilling on nev­er­the­less. Dead Melod­ies put out some warmly flow­ing ambi­ent this sum­mer with The Found­a­tions of Ruin on Cryo Cham­ber. Mys­ter­i­ous, slightly unset­tling shel­ter.

Extreme stretch­eroos take Hant­asi’s vapors deep into ambi­ent ter­rit­ory. Castle (2017, Bed­lam Tapes) shim­mers and shambles, beau­ti­ful in all its angu­lar lo-fi arti­fice.

Ian Haw­good’s latest solo work, (2018, Home Nor­mal / Eilean) is a thing of fra­gile beauty. His piano has exactly the right hazy tex­ture, the com­pos­i­tions the right bal­ance of mel­an­choly and mys­tery.

Tonight’s relax­a­tion is cour­tesy of The Rubies (Rhucle & No Death). Soft­est synth cas­cades, fluffy waves, the rip­pling of a brook, the strum­ming of a string. Divine.

Sketch of Love (2018) is out on No Prob­lema Tapes.

Dark arc­tic ambi­ences on Gla­cial Iri­des­cence by Sun Through Eye­lids (2018, ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ). Heavy noc­turnal drones, field record­ings, feet firmly planted in the soil, but look­ing up at the stars.

Μηλινόη likes this one a lot, too.