Μηλινόη, 1 October 2018


des­pair, demen­tia, dis­sent

black, death, funeral, dun­geon, dark ambi­ent, sadgaze, harsh elec­tron­ics, intense (neo-)classical

Ven­er­a­tion of Pro­fane Antiquity (2018) is a ret­ro­spect­ive album of altern­at­ive mixes from Ævan­gel­ist’s past. What this means is that one of the most con­vo­luted-sound­ing black/death metal pro­jects around sounds at times even more ghostly and obscure.

It’s a selec­tion of tracks con­tain­ing favour­ites like “Gate­keep­er’s Scroll” and “The Only Grave”. The new mixes are heavy on the hiss and tremble, lend­ing a spec­tral qual­ity to it all. Insight­ful, but if you’re new to the pro­ject, start with one of the main albums.

I wrote this review of AkhlysThe Dream­ing I (2015, Debemur Morti) three years ago. I’ve had a lot more dreams since then, dis­turb­ing ones too. A lot has changed. But I stand by this. A legendary, form­at­ive album for me.

Athe­ist - Piece of Time (1989, Death)

Great stuff from the dawn­ing of the age of tech­nical death metal. Still one foot in the prim­or­dial ooze of heavy metal, this album nev­er­the­less marks the band’s first steps towards the exper­i­ments that were to come.

Dun­geön­Ham­mer smash! Retro yet con­tem­por­ary, this duo (which con­tains half of Dead Nander­thals) deliver a con­vin­cing album of plod­ding old school black­/­thrash/­doom-tinged metal on Infernal Moon (2018, Pul­ver­ised / Me Saco Un Ojo ). Full review in the upcom­ing issue of Ex Abyssō.

Hell­ham­mer - Satanic Rites (1983, Prowlin’ Death)

I just have to put this next to the pre­vi­ous one. For no other reason than one makes me want to listen to the other. Ungh!

Speak­ing of heavy, UK indus­trial metallers khost had some of their tracks pulled through the wringer by God­flesh a while back and the res­ult is as you’d expect: Needles into the Ground (2016, Cold Spring) is abso­lutely filthy and crush­ing. 

Neige & Noir­ceur put out a creepy black ambi­ent album this year. Vent Fantôme (2018, Avant­garde) deals in spec­tral whis­pers, heavy gui­tar drones, and blood-curd­ling nar­rat­ive growls. Builds up rhythm on side B, but never all the way up to metal intens­ity.

This is some filthy blackened funeral doom… Scythe - Blades of For­give­ness (2016, Bes­ti­arie).

Hiss-drenched, des­per­ate. Calls to mind Celestiial, but instead of the smell of wet earth and forest cathed­rals we get run-down flo­p­h­ouses & tor­ture cham­bers.

Super-solid blackened death metal from Slov­e­ni­a’s Tele­port. The Ascend­ance EP has dynamic com­pos­i­tions, strong lead gui­tars, and just plain old good riffs. Their cos­mic themes are more abstract, shad­owy here than on their other releases.

One of the best metal albums this mor­ose girl’s heard this year. That’s Eth­er­eal Sep­ulchre by Tyr­an­nic. (2018, Seance).

Per­fect blend of black, thrash, doom, and death. Grab your scythes! Full review in the upcom­ing issue of Ex Abyssō.

Under­d­ark do mel­an­cholic black metal really well. Both their 2016 Mourn­ing Cloak EP and this year’s split with with Antre are test­a­ment to this. The lat­ter band hold their own here as well, with a bodhrán intro and an equally dour and sul­len black metal track.