Μηλινόη, 24 September 2018


des­pair, demen­tia, dis­sent

black, death, funeral, dun­geon, dark ambi­ent, sadgaze, harsh elec­tron­ics, intense (neo-)classical

Angry Ambi­ent Artists Vol. 3 (2018, For­wind)

When Ambi­ent Artists get Angry, they some­times get noisy, as on the third install­ment of this col­lab­or­at­ive series. African Ghost Val­ley and Billy Roisz lay down some ser­i­ous grit on this 30-minute split.

Alex Crispin’s soundtrack to Escape the Dark Castle (2018, Cob­blers) is also emin­ently suit­able for a night of Arkham Hor­ror that cul­min­ated in Jac­queline Fine ban­ish­ing The Dun­wich Hor­ror with a Bind Mon­ster spell. Proper dark dun­geon synth that goes well with any moody game.

Death - Lep­rosy (1988)

Carving a path through extreme metal his­tory in between keep­ing up with newer stuff. Death’s sopho­more effort has a wealth of mid-tempo bangers.

Just woke up from a siesta, so time to stim­u­late the ol’ path­ways a bit. Noth­ing like some bra­cing death indus­trial from Cata­lonian duo DE·TA·US·TO·AS for that pur­pose. Vocals, riffs and drums obscured by thun­der­clouds. Purge your ego. The Immacu­late Tri­um­vir­ate is out on Bes­ti­arie.

Död­srit Död­srit (2018)

Sweden’s Död­srit has an irres­ist­ible blend of melodic black metal and ener­getic d-beat. New album Spirit Crusher is out later this week, but check out their self-titled debut in the mean time. ?0⃣➕, so no fuck­ing regrets.

With Elegy (2018, Proph­ecy), Fin­nr’s Cane have made one of most beau­ti­ful unbound black metal albums I’ve heard in a while.

Mel­an­cholic, mel­anch­thonic. A per­fect bal­ance of autum­nal con­tem­pla­tion and gale. With echoes of turn-of-the-cen­tury Agal­loch and Prim­or­dial.

The new one from A Forest of Stars is pretty fuck­ing men­tal. As the­at­rical as you’d expect, and manic to boot. Sounds from the seedy Vic­torian under­belly. Out next week on Proph­ecy.

Hal­lig from Ger­many deliver a con­fid­ent melodic black metal effort with A Dis­tant Reflec­tion of the Void (2018, Tal­heim). Frantic drums and epic melod­ies take Nor­dic sens­ib­il­ity and myth to the astral plane.

Some­thing stirs. Bur­ied beneath the shaded desert sands are the remains of a doomed ‘civil­isa­tion’. Inner Vis­ion Labor­at­ory sets the stage for a future without man­kind with Rel­ics (2018, Winter-Light).

Up next is Kral­lice’s Go Be For­got­ten (2017, Gilead). Dis­son­ant, frantic, entran­cing. And solid dark synth pas­sages, too.

On tracks like “Failed Vis­ion­ary Cults” you can feel that bass gui­tar whip­ping around your head as the riffs break down your bar­ri­ers.

And “Quad­ri­part­ite Mir­ror Realm”? The title alone gives me goose­bumps. Stel­lar ambi­ent work.

Mylingar - Döda Vägar (2016, Amor Fati)

First EP from this Swedish pro­ject. Extremely crush­ing death metal. Pure gravel down your throat. 

Pro­methean serve up some rip­ping sym­phonic black/death on their debut Aloades EP (2017).

Heavy on the keys, epic, and with a clas­sic vicious sound. Still too early to tell how impact­ful this band will prove, but it’s a worthy start.

Sum­mon­ing’s latest, With Doom We Come (2018, Nap­alm), puts more emphasis on an old-school gui­tar sound again, besides deliv­er­ing the epic synth-laden black metal we’ve come to expect. High­light: the crusty vocals on the clos­ing track, “With Doom I Come”:

Epic doom from Void of Silence on The Sky Over, released this sum­mer on Avant­garde Music.

Long funeral com­pos­i­tions, dark ambi­ent inter­ludes, soar­ing vocals. High-strung, dra­matic, and con­fid­ent.