voidassembly progenitrix v∞, 21 September 2018


struc­ture and move­ment

elec­tron­ics, synth, post-rock, jazz, beats, house, avant­garde, musique con­crète

Start­ing off the week with some solid post-rock by Ita­ly’s 42DE, out on Flut­tery Records.

Fall of the Moon (2018) has the right amount of chil­lout bits, the cres­cendos, the wist­ful atmo­sphere. And a hint of a hard­core gui­tar edge.

Bvdub Born in Tokyo (2013, n5MD)

Solid album from Van Wey’s power ambi­ent period.

Alice Col­traneJour­ney in Satchid­ananda (1971, Impulse!)

The ori­ginal spir­itual jazz. Stel­lar.

Clas­sic cos­mic synth from Egypto­logy on Sur les autres mondes (Hands in the Dark, 2018).

Oth­er­worldly melod­ies and pulsa­tions, inspired by the work of French author and artist Lucien Rudaux.

OCA, Pre­set Music, from Con­stel­la­tion Tat­su’s sum­mer batch. Fuzzy synths, nos­tal­gic feels.

As the title sug­gests: each track high­lights the tex­tures of a par­tic­u­lar synth instru­ment through impro­vised and pos­sibly aleat­ory struc­tures.

Prim­it­ive Knot LV 246 (2018)

Pulses from the dark grid. 

Yazz Ahmed La Saboteuse (2017, Naim)

Superb Ara­bian-inflec­ted jazz from this trum­pet mis­tress. Grabbed me on the first listen, but delving deeper is going to be so reward­ing, too.