Playlist: 13–19 August 2018

There’s some bloody ser­i­ous raw black metal com­ing from the gor­geously named Sainte Marie des Loups.

PWYW for the s/t digital album, or go get the tape.

Oomph. Gnosis’ doomy death metal hits like a truck.

Dweller on the Threshold is a debut EP to be proud of, with riffs com­ing out of ori­fices you did­n’t even know exis­ted.

Oh wow, this Machine­fab­riek & Signor Bene­dick the Moor col­lab is not at all what I expec­ted when I saw “free Machine­fab­riek EP”.

Hap­pily so, because this stuff is on fire: warped hip-hop with MF’s trade­mark subtle noises.

Only beef is that this isn’t longer.

Psy­cho­lo­gical Strategy Board did a haunt­ing soundtrack to Kovitch’s biopic about Brit­ish artist Penny Slinger.

Heav­ily manip­u­lated syn­thes­ised sounds, as unset­tling as Slinger’s visual works.

Out on Front and Fol­low.

Loooovely gritty tex­tures on Trans­ition by Plaster, out earlier this year on Kvitnu.

Gian­clau­dio Hashem Moniri plows his way through crunchy melod­ies and rhythms, where we get both light and dark. The last track is a gor­geous gui­tar-based drone.

Touch­ing God’s s/t first EP weds synths and elec­tronic beats to old school indus­trial screams and gui­tar noise.

Short, hits like a truck. A rusty one. Swans meets The Body (ish).

Lead­ing up to their new album (out end of month), Thou have released a trio of EPs.

Start with the bone- and soul-crush­ing The House Prim­or­dial, and then let your­self be sur­prised…

Dre­issk dropped a sur­prise EP on n5MD last week, and it is very strong.

Pulsat­ing rhythms, warm synth waves, and a true threshold-cross­ing atmo­sphere. It builds up, hope­ful and aware of peril at the same time.

Empti­ness Is a Long Story’ is some­thing of a best-of album for The Joy of Nature, revis­it­ing some key tracks from the pro­ject’s career.

Intro­spect­ive, psy­che­delic neo­folk.