Cloudscape: 2006 Retrospective, vol. 2

artist track album pur­chase link
Cur­rent 93 Idumæa (Vocals: Shir­ley Collins) Black Ships Ate The Sky [buy it]
Agal­loch Limbs Ashes Against The Grain  
Negură Bun­get Cun­oaşterea Tăcută Om [buy it]
Celestiial Lam­ent­a­tions In The Cit­adel Of God Des­ol­ate North [buy it
Northaunt Until Dawn Do Us Part Hori­zons [buy it]  
Arte­factum Quinta Essen­tia Ros­ar­ium Her­me­ticum  
Alethes Eos­tre Aletheia [buy it
Eng­lish Heretic Open The Mith­raic Star­gate 2006 Annual  
Six Organs Of Admit­tance River Of Trans­fig­ur­a­tion The Sun Awakens [buy it]
Until Death Over­takes Me Soon… Sym­phony III: Mono­lith [down­load it