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In the cities of your eyes


In the cit­ies of your eyes is a com­pil­a­tion for the bene­fit of refugees resid­ing in camps in insu­lar Greece, with all pro­ceeds going to camps on Les­vos, Chios, Samos, and Leros.

It’s a col­lec­tion of 23 tracks from the exper­i­mental corners of the musical spec­trum, and a heavy bent towards exper­i­mental folk (e.g. Sand­fingers, Howl­ing Lar­sons, Martyn Bates, Stone Breath) and (post)industrial sounds (e.g. Cindytalk, Pylae, Amboo). Des­pite these rough genre dir­ec­tions, the tracks are quite diverse, and it’s not really pos­sible to give an impres­sion of the way the album flows. As fickle as the sea, I sup­pose.

A selec­tion of my favour­ite tracks, then. Cindytalk’s “Lost In The Hum Of The World” is a shim­mer­ing piece with an occa­sional dark drone. Rough edges but with bits of light. Susan Mat­thews and Rain­ier Leri­c­ol­ais have an intriguing lo-fi piece with piano, strings, and wood­winds, a bit like early In Gowan Ring, and older psy­che­delic ancest­ors. “Cave” by Elektronik Med­it­a­tion is long and var­ied drone piece mov­ing from synth to gui­tar. Stone Breath and The Gray Field Record­ings are always good, in my book, and their tracks here are no excep­tion. A decept­ively simple but typ­ic­ally strong gui­tar and voice piece from the former, and some unset­tling noises and voices from the lat­ter.

It’s not fair to expect a bene­fit com­pil­a­tion to have a strong over­arch­ing musical vis­ion, and that’s not what happened in this case either. Rather, what binds it all together is acquaint­ance, cen­ter­ing around the Greece-based musical couple of Rebecca Lof­tiss (The Gray Field Record­ings) and Alan Trench (Temple Music), and a shared con­cern for the plight of the refugees who end up on that coun­try’s shores.

Per­son­ally I can’t think of many wor­thier causes than to receive refugees with as warm a wel­come as pos­sible. Pick­ing up this com­pil­a­tion is a good way to send an extra con­tri­bu­tion in that dir­ec­tion, and you’ll get some fine tracks in the bar­gain. Have a listen below, and be on the lookout for some of these tracks in upcom­ing Cloud­scapes.