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Dream Realms

I’m not a per­son who usu­ally remem­bers their dreams. I won’t spec­u­late on what this says about me or my men­tal state, it’s just how it is. When I do remem­ber them, they rarely resemble what The Dream­ing I by Akhlys sounds like. All the same, I kind of feel what they’re get­ting at.

The idea of a dream realm as a fun­da­ment­ally alien one feels appeal­ing to me. Alien in the sense of hav­ing the same phys­ical build­ing blocks as our own world, yet put together dif­fer­ently, unex­pec­tedly.

Dreams need not neces­sar­ily be chaotic or viol­ent, like this album is, in some ways, but I feel myself drawn to the kind of dream world this swirl­ing aural chaos is rep­res­ent­ing.

I dreamt of a sun
A sun over a sea
That knew no land
So many ships upon it
So many dream­ing souls

I dreamt of a hall
Sus­pen­ded in an abyss
And at its end was a mir­ror
Reflect­ing Me from afar

Maybe viol­ent isn’t even the right word. Black Metal like this is, above all, power­ful. It’s like a prac­tic­ally con­stant bar­rage of force, as if the world itself is reject­ing your pres­ence, or instead try­ing to force you for­ward towards some unseen future. Vocals like gusts of wind, instru­ments like waves of energy.

When the world you’re in feels alien, even the ambi­ent state of your envir­on­ment is a tor­rent of noise. Your brain isn’t attuned to which impulses to fil­ter out, and which to let through. The only way to quiet it down is to move back to your own world.

Or some­times, you open your dream­ing eye, you con­tinue trav­el­ling, and go on forever. Worlds upon worlds.

Gate­ways upon gate­ways
Gate­ways upon gate­ways

I dream to awaken
I awaken to dream
I dream to awaken
To form about me
A place of adum­bra­tions
Vestiges arising from the dark of con­scious­ness