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Cloudscape: Weird Evening Lament

Weird Even­ing Lament” is a res­ult of my col­lab­or­a­tion with fel­low mixer Weird­with­Beard. We’ve been fol­low­ing each oth­er’s mixes for quite a while and decide to knock some shit together. The res­ult is very eclectic, as you might expect. Hope­fully it’ll make as much sense to you as it did to us.


The Doors - The Crys­tal Ship
Aban­don Reason - This is a Private Car Park Lads
Russill Paul - Devi Man­tras
Russill Paul - Bija Man­tras
Ulver - Gnosis
Secret Chiefs 3 - DJ Revi­sion­ist
Radi­o­head - Hunt­ing Bears
Radi­o­head - Everything In Its Right Place
Black Mare - Blind One
Beastie Boys - Eugene’s Lament
Chris­tian Marclay - Dust Breed­ing
The Care­taker - Long Term (Remote)
Ulaan Pas­ser­ine - III
Eit­ar­nora - Sing My Name
Samuel Beck­ett - And Sud­denly I Remembered My Name
Del­phine Dora & Half Asleep - And Sud­denly I Remembered My Name
Tape Beatles - Lament
Kin­ski - Your Lights Are (Out Or) Burn­ing
Winter Fam­ily - Psaume
The Doors - Lament
The Doors - A Feast of Friends
David Lynch - Ima­gin­ary Girl
Deaf Cen­ter - Stone Beacon
Paul Chain - 8 String Sweep
Jacaszek - III (Plec Remix)
Alva Noto - Haliod Xerrox Copy 6
Swans - You’re Not Real, Girl