Album Reviews

Cloudscape: For the Returning Sun

A spe­cial long mix, without present­a­tion, for the people who are in need of a bit of Sun in their lives. I hope this will give you warmth and hope.

Thanks to Michael Tan­ner for inspir­a­tion, and to Jack de Quidt for allow­ing me to use his music. De Quidt’s song is the soundtrack to a short video­game by Cameron Kun­zel­man, which you can play here: http://​heylookat​my​games​.com/​s​h​ip/.


Michael Tan­ner - The Dev­il’s In The Details; The Angels In The Archi­tec­ture
Lucy Claire - Bound in Sea
Xenis Emputae Trav­el­ling Band - Edi Beo Thu
The North Sea & Rameses III - Night Blos­soms Writ­ten in Sanskrit
James Black­shaw - Sun­shrine
Chris Chris­to­doulou - Haban­era of the Sun
Maria Monti - Aria, Terra, Acqua e Fuoco
Jack de Quidt - On August 11, A Ship Sailed Into Port
Mono­chromie - Mirage
The Angling Loser - Morn­ing
Clint Heidorn - 11.+33° 58′ 41.85″, -117° 49′ 13.74″ (The Oak Tree)