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Review: Premonition Factory - Live at Kink FM X-Rated (2012)

artist: Pre­mon­i­tion Fact­ory
release: Live at Kink FM X-Rated
format: CD
year of release: 2012
label: Long­street
dur­a­tion: 62:39

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

The Sense of Time was one of our favour­ite records of last year, and it proved that Sjaak Over­gaauw has a bril­liant touch in bal­an­cing record­ings for a stu­dio album. This new one proves there is a sim­ilar bal­ance in his live works. Actu­ally, it is not that sur­pris­ing since he uses the save live synth impro­visa­tion tech­nique for both pur­poses, with the only dif­fer­ence that always you have to do things right imme­di­ately when play­ing live.

On Septem­ber 4th of 2011, Pre­mon­i­tion Fact­ory was to be the last live guest per­form­ance in the X-Rated show on Kink FM, the radio sta­tion that ceased broad­cast­ing on Octo­ber first - more on that story here. In a set of around forty minutes, Sjaak incor­por­ated many of the ele­ments that made his album works so suc­cess­ful thus far.

The first part intro­duces a calm, serene theme based on synth waves and del­ic­ate melodic piano touches, end­ing rel­at­ively silently, fad­ing into the second track with a soft fuzzy drone. Quickly, the dom­in­at­ing rhythmic pulsa­tions of that second piece fade in, which forms the basis of an uplift­ing piece. The third part is shorter again, and extremely soft, calm, and lower in volume. Gradu­ally, as the set moves into its final part, darker drones and clouds of sound enter into the mix, though main­tain­ing the calm atmo­sphere.

As a bonus, two shorter live per­form­ances (or out­takes) are included on the CD. The first one, “28 seconds”, was recor­ded in Cologne. It is a rel­at­ively dark piece, with some omin­ous back­ground tones, and gentle piano touches provid­ing the main melody. A quite enga­ging piece, fea­tur­ing subtle rhythmic glitches and a great devel­op­ment. The final track, “Live in Brus­sels”, ends the album on a mys­ter­i­ous note, with darker and more ambigu­ous tones.

This album recon­firmed my con­clu­sions after see­ing Pre­mon­i­tion Fact­ory per­form live in Ams­ter­dam recently: Over­gaauw mas­ter­fully trans­lates this style from stu­dio work to a live set­ting, by vir­tue of using prac­tic­ally the same meth­ods. So, keep this is mind: see­ing him live and this album are both exper­i­ences to cher­ish.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. X-Rated Pt. 1 (13:38)
2. X-Rated Pt. 2 (11:03)
3. X-Rated Pt. 3 (6:05)
4. X-Rated Pt. 4 (8:46)

5. 28 Seconds (12:08)
6. Live In Brus­sels (10:56)