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Review: Yawning Chasm - That Shadow Is That Hidden (2009)

artist: Yawn­ing Chasm
release: The Shadow Is That Hid­den
format: 3″ CDr
year of release: 2009
label: Rus­ted Rail
dur­a­tion: 20:46

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

One of the latest in the highly recog­nis­able series of 3″ EPs put out by Irish label Rus­ted Rail is this new one by Yawn­ing Chasm, the solo pro­ject of Aaron Coyne, who is also one half of Mirakil Whip.

Six lo-fi singer/songwriter tracks make up this release, centered around voice and gui­tar, both well-covered in effects, res­ult­ing in dreamy, eerie folk songs with flow­ing cir­cu­lar melod­ies. It’s music that will def­in­itely appeal to you if you fancy the sound of, for example, labelmates Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon, or other pur­vey­ors of ghostly mod­ern folk tunes.

Though each song had its own charm, as a whole the EP is not imme­di­ately very impress­ive or ori­ginal. How­ever, depend­ing on your mood and sur­round­ings, these songs can def­in­itely hit the right spot. Sit­ting in the train, with the sum­mer sun in your face, the land­scape zip­ping by, it works per­fectly in sev­eral parts.

Not some­thing to buy blindly, but if your interest is piqued do give it a listen. Rus­ted Rail EPs gen­er­ally hold some­thing nice for the sym­path­etic ear.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. To The Void (2:28)
2. Stars Are Going Out (2:43)
3. Tumble River (4:02)
4. Mon­sters (3:54)
5. Your Bones Will Bleach White (3:48)
6. Dis­tant Fires (3:51)