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Review: Premonition Factory - 59 Airplanes Waiting for New York (2010)

artist: Pre­mon­i­tion Fact­ory
release: 59 Air­planes Wait­ing for New York
format: CD
year of release: 2010
label: Long­street
dur­a­tion: 50:58

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

59 Air­planes Wait­ing for New York is the debut album by Pre­mon­i­tion Fact­ory, the pro­ject of Sjaak Over­gaauw, based in Ant­werp. He self-released this album in a styl­ish digi­file with mod­ern design that reflects the care that went into the cre­ation of the music as well. The album con­tains over 50 minutes of calm, reflect­ive ambi­ent based on impro­vised real-time looped synths.

The six tracks on this album are drift­ing and open, and each has a strong voice and atmo­sphere of its own, with some emphas­ising a slightly darker and more reserved tone, like “Need­less To Say Any­thing” and “To the Dark Places Where it Leads”. On the other hand, tracks like the first one are quite bright, light, and open. The title track is def­in­itely one of the best, with its crys­tal clear pro­duc­tion and grip­ping piano-based melodic struc­ture, com­bined with soft back­ground crackles. The last track is a very long one, end­ing the album gently and softly, float­ing away on clouds of sound.

It should come as a recom­mend­a­tion that Dirk Ser­ries mastered this album, besides act­ing as a con­sult­ant for it. While it is clear that Over­gaauw has more than enough tal­ent to craft his own del­ic­ate sound­scapes, it never hurts to have some guid­ance from someone with dec­ades of exper­i­ence. In this case, it means the debut Pre­mon­i­tion Fact­ory album is imme­di­ately on a very high level in terms of pro­duc­tion and sound. As such, it comes with a very strong recom­mend­a­tion for all lov­ers of dreamy and subtle ambi­ent music.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. To Those Worthy Of Hon­our (5:44)
2. Need­less To Say Any­thing (9:32)
3. To The Dark Place Where It Leads (4:43)
4. The Future Will Be Whatever We Make It (5:23)
5. 59 Air­planes Wait­ing For New York (6:58)
6. Only Birds Know Where To Fly (18:41)