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Review: Far Black Furlong - Caerbre (2009)

Digital Cover
CDr Cover

artist: Far Black Fur­long
3″ CDr, Digital
year of release:
Reverb Wor­ship (3″), Box of Woks (Digital)

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com.

If you’ve been keep­ing an eye on this web­site, you’ll know I’ve been very enthu­si­astic about Far Black Fur­long’s earlier releases. And I’m happy to say that they keep on deliv­er­ing the goods, start­ing with this new two-track EP, released on a 3″ CDr by Reverb Wor­ship and as digital down­load by Box of Woks. The phys­ical edi­tion is lim­ited to 52 cop­ies in beau­ti­ful pressed flower paper, so act fast!

The sound on this release is quite ambi­ent, though not as abstract as on Haidd 2. A rather empty begin­ning with sud­den cres­cendos sets the stage for a dark, mys­ter­i­ous first track, with a lead role for oboe, but other instru­ments provid­ing a subtle back­drop. The musical theme is basic­ally repeated in the second track, but quite soon, piano and other string instru­ments add melodic vari­ations that make up the greater part of this track. Com­bined with the art­work, this EP con­jures up a darkened, organic atmo­sphere that com­bines per­fectly with elec­tro-acous­tic approach of the band. With every release, Far Black Fur­long man­ages to use basic­ally the same styl­istic ingredi­ents but put the emphasis exactly in a new place, that makes each piece refresh­ing.

It’s a short EP, and I can be short about it: another bril­liant record­ing by these until now severly over­looked Brit­ish mas­ters of ambi­ent, acous­tic and clas­sical sounds. This one deserves your full atten­tion if you are inter­ested in exper­i­mental ambi­ent music in any way.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. Time Lapse At Caer Din (9:03)
2. Winter Flowers, Caerbre (10:32)