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Review: Psychic Space Invasion - Transitions (2008)

artist: Psychic Space Inva­sion
release: Trans­itions
format: CD
year of release: 2008
label: Persepolis
dur­a­tion: 41:10

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

Appar­ently, Trans­itions is going to be the last album by Psychic Space Inva­sion. I believe Welsh droner Ian Hol­lo­way has decided to con­tinue mak­ing music under his own name, leav­ing this pro­ject behind. The album under review here, then, marks the trans­ition between two phases, not only sym­bol­ic­ally, but also in terms of music.

Com­bined in this one long track are influ­ences from vari­ous stages of Hol­lo­way’s musical devel­op­ment. It starts out with a power­ful, obscure drone con­sist­ing of many lay­ers, and embel­lished with pretty effects sound­ing like warped chimes and such things. This spa­cious and fas­cin­at­ing piece devel­ops slowly over the course of the first ten minutes, and gains intens­ity. At about fif­teen minutes, rhythmic dis­tor­ted voice loops emerge from the depths, trans­form­ing the track into some­thing remind­ing me of the hyp­notic Pen­du­lum album. Rhythmic pat­terns are also formed in the deeper drones itself, build­ing the track up to trance­like levels. More near the end of the track, start­ing at about 27 minutes, a piano melody starts fad­ing into the still churn­ing loop mael­strom. Slowly the intens­ity of the track wanes, leav­ing the piano melody to end the album in a calmer way, which reminds me of Hol­lo­way’s work on Itto. All through the album, addi­tion­ally, we hear the slightly darker touch that fea­tures in much of Hol­lo­way’s recent music.

Trans­itions may be the last PSI album, but I’m glad Hol­lo­way isn’t quit­ting music alto­gether. He keeps on put­ting out good drone and ambi­ent works, both solo and col­lab­or­at­ively, so look for his own name from now on. In the mean­time, Trans­itions is recom­men­ded to all lov­ers of qual­ity drone­works.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. (41:10)