May 2013 Short Reviews (Lamia Vox, Saåad, Yellow6 & David Newlyn)


This here seal of the devil is one of those albums that I enjoy because one track grips me in particular, and that is the utterly majestic opener “Born from the Abyss”. It is a velvety layer cake of misty chants and deep, warm synths that perfectly recalls the heyday of Scandinavian dark ambient, roughly fifteen years ago. Certainly not out of place on a label like Cyclic Law, that’s for sure. The rest of this album, the work of St. Petersburg resident Alina Antonova, is nothing to scoff at either, but it is definitely a mood piece, a nostalgic amalgam of ethereal, darkwave, ritual, and ambient influences that epitomises goth atmosphere to me personally. It’s a fairly consistent album, but the best is at the start. Still, Sigillum Diaboli will be required fare for some of you, a dark work somewhere between raison d’être, Coph Nia, Arcana, and more recently, Rose Croix. […read more…]

Cloudscape #34: January 2013


Cloudscape #34: January 2013 by Evening Of Light on Mixcloud

Artwork: Long Limb (1999) by Andrew Wyeth.

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Review: Aarktica – In Sea (2009) / In Sea Remixes (2010)

In Sea Remixes

In Sea

artist: Aarktica release: In Sea / In Sea Remixes format: CD, CD year of release: 2009, 2010 label: Silber duration: 56:03, 73:05

detailed info: [1, 2]

Jon DeRosa returned to Silber Records with Aarktica last year, releasing a new album entitled In Sea. This album of calm guitar ambient, drones, and a couple of songs, was subsequently tackled by a host of guest artists, who remixed each song of the album in turn, culminating in three alternative versions of Aarktica’s magnificent cover of Danzig‘s “Am I Demon?”. The balance between the […read more…]