Ex Abyssō II

The new Ex Abyssō issue is out NOW!28 pages full col­our + 2-track EP with music by Argiflex and uncer­tain. Avail­able in digital or print/CD edi­tion.

Ἀρέθουσα, 30 September 2018

Ἀρέθουσα’s playl­ist, fea­tur­ing Bio­sphere, Jordi Savall et al., Gyütö Tan­tric Col­lege, Halftribe, Lesa Listvy, Mark Ger­gis, Silent Vigils, Vir­tual Forest, Vis­ions & Phurpa, and Witxes.

Cloudscape #64: August 2016

Mix for August, feat. Lycia, Troum & raison d’être, Dark Day, The Cure, Martyn Bates Sixth Comm, Les Dis­crets, Pure Ground, Witxes, Tan­gent, AUN, The Body, Shape of Des­pair, Sanne de Neige, and Ame­s­oeurs.

Cloudscape: Electric Crystal Bodies: A Numenéra Soundtrack

Elec­tric Crys­tal Bod­ies is inten­ded as a soundtrack for a cam­paign of the RPG Numenéra I’m play­ing with some friends. I was mainly inspired by the area we are cur­rently explor­ing: The Cloud­crys­tal Sky­fields, but also by the gen­eral feel of the game: mys­ter­i­ous, a blend of sci­ence fic­tion and fantasy. I looked for songs mostly by word asso­ci­ation with the title, but since my col­lec­tion quite often meshes together nicely, mak­ing a coher­ent mix out of it did­n’t prove too dif­fi­cult. So, a jour­ney through strange land­scapes, encoun­ters with ancient advanced tech­no­lo­gies, and a rock­ing bonus track at the end. Enjoy!

Review: Witxes - A Fabric of Beliefs (2013)

Witxes’ debut album Sorcery/Geography almost made it to our list of last year’s favour­ite releases, and now, after not too long a wait, we’re treated to a strong fol­low-up album. It’s the first release on new label Den­ov­ali, and it coin­cides with a rerelease of the first album bear­ing the same new imprint. In short: that’s two double LPs worth pick­ing up.

A Fab­ric of Beliefs starts off a bit slow, per­haps, with the tri­part­ite “Through Abraxas”, but these tracks do show that com­poser Maxime Vavas­seur still has a firm grip on his elec­tron­ics, drones, and some chug­ging rock parts. The buildup is very good, and it works towards a pretty dark cli­max, which is beau­ti­fully off­set by the bright and shim­mer­ing acous­tic gui­tar of “The Strands”.