Pod Cast - Dead King’s Dream

Dead King’s Dream is superb nar­rat­ive dun­geon synth, the way it should be done … A D&D ses­sion through a sur­real psy­che­delic lens: play­ful, a good bal­ance of light and dark, ser­i­ous­ness and humour.

Previewing Wyrding

Wyrd­ing serves up funeral doom, but the warm, light, eth­er­eal kind. An exclus­ive pre­view.

Review: Eitarnora - Tall Grasses and Black Ash (2013)

After dig­ging into their earlier demos and releases last year, I fully expec­ted Eit­ar­nora to be on the brink of pro­du­cing a really solid album. That early mater­ial showed lots of prom­ise and an ori­ginal, mean­der­ing take on folk, but it sure was rough around the edges. Tall Grasses and Black Ash shows that all it took to take the music to the next level was to sit down and do it: bet­ter record­ing qual­ity and pro­duc­tion, slightly fuller com­pos­i­tions, and a few guest appear­ances to round out the sound.