Cloudscape #80: August 2018

After a hiatus I’m back in the mix­ing busi­ness. This one fea­tures a lot of music covered in my new print zine Ex Abyssō, as well as other new music.

We move from ambi­ent acous­tics, tra­di­tional influ­ences, to rhythms and sounds increas­ing in intens­ity.

Cloudscape: The Posse 008 / Elephants On Parade

New Posse three­way mix, feat. Paul Chain | Frieder Butzmann | Lydia Lunch Ret­ro­virus | New Order | Lumeri­ans | Napo­leon XIV | Gaap Kvlt | :zoviet*france: | Leonard Nimoy | Arun­raja Kama­raj | Cir­cus Con­trap­tion | Django Rein­hardt | Shub Nig­gurath | Atilio Dor­este w José Guillén | Soley | Sonic Youth | Vril Jäger | Nord­vargr | Those Poor Bas­tards | But­thole Surfers | Noxroy | United Bible Stud­ies | Brethren Of The Free Spirit | Fedor Tau | Ansome | Mars | Ami Marie | Coil | Michael Hoenig | Richard Ein­horn | Ilana Rov­ina

Cloudscape: Dinning by Wyrding

Exclus­ive guest mix by Wyrd­ing, fea­tur­ing music by TS, Type O Neg­at­ive, Gwy­dion Pendder­wen, Black Hole, Mer­cy­ful Fate, Jobriath, Jack­son C. Frank, God­speed You! Black Emperor, Paul Chain, Manilla Road, Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Bo Har­wood, Black Sab­bath, Emer­ald Web, Wor­ship - Tide of Ter­minus : Ter­ranean Wake I, The Hang­men, Joe Hisaishi, Scott Walker, Star Ocean, Mark Knop­fler, Pall­bearer, The Moon Lay Hid­den Beneath a Cloud, and Worms­blood.

Cloudscape: Weird Evening Lament

Weird Even­ing Lament” is a res­ult of my col­lab­or­a­tion with fel­low mixer Weird­with­Beard. We’ve been fol­low­ing each oth­er’s mixes for quite a while and decide to knock some shit together. The res­ult is very eclectic, as you might expect. Hope­fully it’ll make as much sense to you as it did to us.