Cloudscape: 2006 Retrospective, vol. 2

Second 2006 retro mix, feat. Cur­rent 93 & Shir­ley Collins, Agal­loch, Negură Bun­get, Celestiial, Northaunt, Arte­factum, Alethes, Eng­lish Heretic, Six Organs Of Admit­tance, and Until Death Over­takes Me.

Cloudscape #51: February 2015

Feb­ru­ary starts bright and clear, but it quickly turns colder and darker. There’s hope at the end, but it’s not spring yet. The mix fea­tures Daugh­ters of Elvin, Northaunt, Sonmi451, this noc­turnal topo­graphy, Pleq & Hakobune, Ed Hamilton, offthesky, Richard Moult, Adrian Shenton & Banks Bailey, and Rais­ing Holy Sparks.

Cloudscape #50: Winter Solstice 2014

Sol­stice Mix for 2014, feat. Aus­tin Win­tory, Wolves in the Throne Room, alicef­fekt, Northaunt, Ugas­anie, Jeremy Soule, Mendel Kaelen, Far Black Fur­long, Sean Breadin, Stone Breath, Eeem, The Green King­dom, Anne Chris Bak­ker, Robert Burns, Neth­er­world, The Cloisters, Tomoy­oshi Date, Plinth, and Pet­rels.