Review: Witxes - A Fabric of Beliefs (2013)

Witxes’ debut album Sorcery/Geography almost made it to our list of last year’s favour­ite releases, and now, after not too long a wait, we’re treated to a strong fol­low-up album. It’s the first release on new label Den­ov­ali, and it coin­cides with a rerelease of the first album bear­ing the same new imprint. In short: that’s two double LPs worth pick­ing up.

A Fab­ric of Beliefs starts off a bit slow, per­haps, with the tri­part­ite “Through Abraxas”, but these tracks do show that com­poser Maxime Vavas­seur still has a firm grip on his elec­tron­ics, drones, and some chug­ging rock parts. The buildup is very good, and it works towards a pretty dark cli­max, which is beau­ti­fully off­set by the bright and shim­mer­ing acous­tic gui­tar of “The Strands”.