Cloudscape: μηλι

A pray­er­ful col­lage of anger and dejec­tion. Micro­cosm, meso­cosm, mac­ro­cosm. Μηλινόη uncaged once more. Death, black, doom, noise, and the harsh edges of hiphop.

Μηλινόη’s Stygian Dementia #02

Wel­come to the second epis­ode of Sty­gian Demen­tia, in which Μηλινόη once again takes you down to Hades, along with all the other wretched mor­tal souls.

Cloudscape: Mortis Imperium

Spe­cial black metal mix, fea­tur­ing Dark­throne, Mordor, Under­jord­iska, Gnaw Their Tongues, Lychg­ate, Furze, Motoi Sak­ur­aba, Akhlys, Gustaf Hildebrand, Docet­ism, and Keep Of Kalessin.