2011: A Retrospective


We’re joining in the list fever this year – though not before the year is more or less through – with the favourite 2011 records from Evening of Light HQ. Of course we missed tons of good releases out there, but these at least are things we particularly enjoyed. Thanks to all the artists and labels for sharing their music with us.

First the top 10, in alphabetical order.

The A. Lords – The A. Lords (Rif Mountain) [Our Review]

The LP followup to 2006’s self-titled 3″ is a masterpiece of pastoral, almost ambient, […read more…]

Review: Momick (2011)


artist: Momick release: Momick format: LP year of release: 2011 label: Bladud Flies! duration: 36:58

detailed info: discogs.com

Momick is a new project by Richard Moult and the bricoleur (Michael Lawrence) where they elaborate upon the mix of piano and electronic manipulation that we first heard on some tracks of Moult’s Ethe album. This style draws upon an exaggeration of the reverberating and drifting qualities of the piano sound, which brings the music somewhere in between classical and ambient.

The melodic tone of Momick is often melancholy or oppressive, and far less bright and folky […read more…]

Cloudscape #15: June 2011


Cloudscape #15: June 2011 by Evening Of Light on Mixcloud

time | artist | track | album | year

00:00 | Sproatly Smith | Flowers Made of Winter | Pixieled | 2010 02:12 | Sol Invictus | April Rain | The Cruellest Month | 2011 07:20 | Paintings for Animals | A Handful for thee Root | Thee Forrest of Psalms | 2010 11:10 | *AR | Return | Wolf Notes | 2011 18:54 | Richard Moult | 1st […read more…]