voidassembly progenitrix v∞, 19 October 2018

voidassembly pro­gen­itrix v∞‘s playl­ist, fea­tur­ing Asura Revolu­tion, Axel Giraud, Crisopa, Daniel Saylor, Fae & Seffi, Prim­it­ive Knot, Sebastian Span­ache Trio, Shabaka and the Ancest­ors, and The Third Eye Found­a­tion.

City Grid Gravity #01

Hadewych and voidassembly_progenitrix_v∞ present:
City Grid Grav­ity — Aural vis­ions of The City through pop, hip-hop, rock, jazz, and elec­tron­ics.

Playlist: 3–9 September 2018

This weeks blurbs, fea­tur­ing Father Murphy, Stefano Guzz­etti, Nortt, åmßêrVVåvê§, Prim­it­ive Knot, Daniel Saylor, Say­ohime­bou, Ser­vants of the Apo­ca­lyptic Goat Rave, Døds­maskin, Nord­vargr, Wood­land Tomb, ella guro, Ill Con­sidered, ll nøth­ing ll, Eximia, Nadja, and Cov­arino / Incor­vaia.