Cloudscape #66: November 2016

Nov. mix, fea­tur­ing Obsequiae, Moongaz­ing Hare, Glenn Sogge, Nat­alia Beylis, Rhucle, The Green King­dom, Nikos Fokas, Bvdub, Tomon­ari Nozaki, Nadja, Andrew Weath­ers, Kolhoosi 13, and The Séance with Lutine.

Cloudscape #65: October 2016

New music mix for Octo­ber, feat. Kinit Her, Ikjoyce, Kem­per Norton, Bvdub, Near The Par­en­thesis, Vek­tor­musik, (ghost), Wang Wen, Phantom Winter, Meta­tron Omega, and Until Death Over­takes Me.

Cloudscape: Electric Crystal Bodies: A Numenéra Soundtrack

Elec­tric Crys­tal Bod­ies is inten­ded as a soundtrack for a cam­paign of the RPG Numenéra I’m play­ing with some friends. I was mainly inspired by the area we are cur­rently explor­ing: The Cloud­crys­tal Sky­fields, but also by the gen­eral feel of the game: mys­ter­i­ous, a blend of sci­ence fic­tion and fantasy. I looked for songs mostly by word asso­ci­ation with the title, but since my col­lec­tion quite often meshes together nicely, mak­ing a coher­ent mix out of it did­n’t prove too dif­fi­cult. So, a jour­ney through strange land­scapes, encoun­ters with ancient advanced tech­no­lo­gies, and a rock­ing bonus track at the end. Enjoy!